ESXi 6.5 not recognizing keyboard input

I recently changed the network speed on Esxi from 100mbps to 1gbps full duplex by changing this within the networking section of Esxi 6.5. Upon making this change I was immediately kicked from the network and have been unable to reconnect to the network at all.

What I have tried.

1. Logging in through Dell Idrac to re-configure network settings.
1. This does not let me press F2 (or any other keys for that matter to access configuration. The screen just stays dark or grayed out).
2. Accessing the machine directly. Plugged in a keyboard and a monitor and I am unable to get the system to respond to pressing F2 on the keyboard.


Currently the machine is displaying an IP address and saying (Waiting for DHCP). It does change this IP address roughly every 5 mins before changing back to the previous one. The screen is darkened and does not respond to keyboard input of any kind.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to ensure that ESXI recognizes (and responds) to keyboard input.



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