ESXi 6.7 provisioning question

I am setting up a Windows server with 4tb of storage. The default disk provisioning method is “thick”, is there an advantage/disadvantage in this scenario to use one over the other; performance gain/loss or backup performance (using Veeam)?

I tend to go with the defaults, assuming they have some advantage, but I would like some input.

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  1. There may be incremental performace advantages to using one over the other, but mostly it comes dow to your storage.

    If you’re using NextGen storage like Nimble it is recommended to use Thin Provisioning to take advantage of space reclimation features.

    If you’re using older ‘unmanaged’ storage, I generally Thick (Lazy Zero) provision to make sure I don’t over-provision and risk crashing the datastore.

    If you’re short on space you may be forced to Thin provision, but then you got bigger problems.

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