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when trying to power on a virtual machine I get the error: “Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine. The system cannot find the file specified”.


This occured after I upgraded my PC from Win7 to Win10 and my VMware Workstation PRO from version 12 to 14.

In the Windows upgrade process the VM’s virtual disk files disappeared, so I had to copy them from the backup I did immediately before. However I did not ovewrite the VM’s configuration files (not sure if it makes any difference).

I have checked the paths to the configuration file and disk file and both are correct.

The VM’s virtual disk is spread across multiple .vmdk files, but it is configured to use the “000003” as the disk file (In the VM’s settings, the disk file path is specified as: [Path to VM Folder]/[VM Name/[VM Name]-000003.vmdk]). I find this odd because currenty the latest is the 000004.vmdk. I have not changed the configurations manually.

On my Workstation I have added two more virtual machines, that are “manual snapshots” (copies of the original VM folder -including virtual disk files – at a specific point in time), and both have the same issue.

This seems to be related to the Windows update process, but I cannot find the cause or solve it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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