*giggle* what to do?

so my org just got some new hosts and i have to say that they are really nice.

8 servers with the following( this is why i *giggled*)/no they weren’t cheap/

intel gold 8260 24 cores procs

1 tb 2933 ram

4 x 16tb NVME drives (512 TB Raw storage)

what isnt on those host is our Fiber Channel Storage cards. why? whale, we were going to do some IP based storage (datrium) but the storage part got pulled at the last minute and not ordered. So my question is

do we go get the FC / san cards or do we try and make a vsan/hci config out of this?

Poll question below…..but other thoughts are welcome!



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  1. If you go VSAN the licenses are expensive, if you already have the license do your servers have 10gb ports or higher and a switch to connect to? If not it will most likly be cheaper to order FC cards for a pre existing SAN network.

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