Having EXSI Host DMZ vswitch

I am looking more into DMZ and was wondering if it is a good idea to use some of the 1gb ports on the host to connect to the physical DMZ switch that connects to a Vswitch on the host that i will call “DMZ”.

just looking into some incite on the setting and how others setup their DMZs

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  1. I only have my DMZ seperated in a different port group which seems to do the trick, and just VLAN seperation on my physical infrastructure aswell.

    If that’s stupid, feel free to tell me, but I believe it’s a great compromise between security and convenience.

  2. I have done similar in the past. Add some unused nics to a new vswitch, create port groups for any vlans you need, and connect the nics to the separate physical switch serving the DMZ network. As long as the host is properly configured, should be fine

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