Hello, error on trying to open vmware. Been trying to follow fix it guides but stuck

“Failed to get exclusive lock on the configuration file. Another VMware process might be running using this configuration file.”

When I looked this up, seems I could delete vmem files and it acts like a reset button.

The only file I see with that is


Seems in guide it usually had Windows 10.vmem or something, while mine is like this, not sure what that means.

Also when I try to delete it

“file is open in vmware-vmx.exe”

I found it in task manager in detail, but it is disabled and I can’t even get rid of it. Says

“access denied”

The issue started when I tried opening vmware, and it was just blank. Usually pops up a login info box. I had to shut it down forcefully.

I tried reopening to find it was stuck in loading. Left it like that for 30 minutes. Shut it down, reset computer. Then the issue stated above started happening.

Any idea how to fix this? I’m completely new to vmware and the tech guy is out for today. But I do know a little googling.

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  1. I’m guessing this is on VMware workstation?

    Do you have any VMs actually running?

    When are you getting that error, when you’re starting a VM? Or when you’re opening the application itself?

    Easiest fix is probably to restart the host machine. But if you don’t know what you’re actually doing with VMware, I wouldn’t delete ANYTHING.

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