HELP. locked in lockdown mode

Hey Guys im in a bit of a predicament . I have Vcenter 6.7 managing 5 esxi hosts running 6.7. We had Lockdown mode enable on all hosts. We had a VD go offline with no hdd failure due to a BBU failure. After turning the VD on we rebooted the device via kvm. after doing so we are stuck. we cannot reconnect to the device via vcenter as we get error ” Permission to perform this operation was denied” when the connection wizard asks for the username. We are not able to disable lockdown via gui because its not connected so all options are greyed out. We try to connect to the DCUI however when we hit f2 we get error “Authentication denied” Direct console access has been disabled by the administrator for the localhost…”

SO i believe the issue is lockdown mode is enabled however i have no way to shut it off. Cant hit DCUi, cant do it via vcenter because its not currently connected and when i try to i get a permission issue. and yes we are using Administrator on vcenter when performing operation.

SSH is disabled, Shell is disabled and cant get to any of these options as when we hit f2 on DCUI we get the Auth denied error.

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  1. It sounds like they may be in strict lockdown mode?

    Unless you had users configured to bypass that mode when it was configured, I think you’ll have to reinstall. Then you can reconnect the hypervisor to vCS.

    The good news is that 6.7 only takes a few minutes to reinstall.

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