Help Me Understand VCAP-NV for NSX T

Hey Everyone, I’m trying to understand if there’s a difference in certification if you take the VCAP-NV Deploy based on NSX-V 6.2 versus the VCAP-NV Design based on NSX-T 2.4.

Furthermore, I see two different VCP-NV 2019 exams for the same respective products/versions above. I currently hold the VCP-NV 2019 cert based on the NSX-V 6.2 exam …. is that still a prerequisite for the NSX-T based VCAP Design?

I’m guessing the NSX-V based exams will die out and be replaced by the T versions, but not sure what that means for the present.


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  1. So the deploy is a lab based exams the design is a multiple choice exam

    If you earn the vcp in t or v, you get the same 2019 badge, but apart from that I know as much info as you on it all lol

    Best bet would be to reach out to VMware certification for any kind of clarification

  2. I think the T certs need time to settle unless you’re super eager. Still a lot of subtle and not so subtle changes between point versions including renaming things. My brain isn’t good at compartmentalizing ‘this is 2.4 so best practice was still xyz’.
    Coming fresh from the deep dive design sessions at vmworld I also wish there was consensus between Nimish (who have the sessions and writes the design guide) and the VVD team etc. The correct answers will vary according to who the SMEs are unless they’re super careful to avoid those areas.

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