Horizon Direct Connection Port forwarding

I have a Windows 10 VM set up for remote access for myself, I have installed the Horizon 7.10 agent and direct connection agent and it works fine over the LAN. My question is what port does the client and the direct connection agent use so that I can configure port forwarding rules for remote access. I found some documentation [here](https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.1/com.vmware.horizon-client-agent.security.doc/GUID-52807839-6BB0-4727-A9C7-EA73DE61ADAB.html) and it provides a lot of information in regards to that. Do I have to forward multiple ports or just one and which ones. I am using BLAST but also have the option to use PCoIP. I know that BLAST uses 22443 for and the client uses 443, so would I port forward 22443 to 443 to that VM?

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