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We had an issue reported where the audio for a user stop after 5-10 minutes in a gotomeeting that’s running from the horizon desktop.

I tested and experienced the same issue, but it looks like all audio redirection from the horizon desktop to the local desktop stops.

We experienced the same issue 9.5 minutes into a youtube video, and 10 minutes into playing music from Spotify from a web browser.

I tried connecting to the view server directly, not through the UAG, same issue after about 11.5 minutes into a different youtube video.


Disconnecting and reconnecting to the horizon desktop reconnects the audio.

This is for audio redirection, as we have usb redirection disabled.

We are using blast protocol only.

View client 4.10.0 build-11021086

Horizon agent version 7.4.0


In our testing reverting to the Horizon client version 4.9.0 build-9539668 so far has resolved the issue for us. We were able to get through a 20 minute youtube video on multiple clients with no audio cutouts or drops.

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