Hosts not connecting to VSphere / web interface won’t load.

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new at this so please excuse my ignorance.

We recently hit a snag with our VMware machines. When we log into VSphere, everything is showing as “Disconnected” and the hosts have a “Cannot synchronize host *<hostname>*” error. Additionally, the web interface for the hosts won’t load, so we can’t log into it. We’re still able to log into the ESXi (6.5) DCUI using the root account, as well as SSH, so our initial thought is that Lockdown Mode got enabled, but the option to configure it in the DCUI is grayed out and unchangeable.

Apologies if I left out an pertinent data, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


Resolved – Restarted the management agents on the hosts which brought everything back to normal

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  1. So this is all hosts and not just one correct? Are you sure they have a valid license? If a proper license was not applied at install the hosts will disconnect after the trial expires. You may also want to check with your security department to make sure they aren’t doing any kind of port scans.

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