How do I stop my antivirus (Bitdefender) from blocking stuff in VMWare?

I want to try to test some random viruses in a VM, but Bitdefender has been blocking sites in my VM, is there a way to stop Bitdefender from blocking stuff in VMWare?

My Bitdefender is the free edition, and my VMWare is version 15.56 build-1634150 (free version) (the guest is Windows 7)

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  1. this would be a bitdefender question not a vmware question

    at a guess your doing network scanning on your NIC and your VM is NATd through that NIC so it gets scanned

    if you have seperate NIC/switch that goes through a NIC that bit defender is NOT configured for might work

    or, you know, disable bit defender

  2. I found the free version of Bitdefender to be unconfigurable and dropped using it some time ago.

    If you’re testing malware, I’d suggest you not run any antivirus software on the VM. You probably should snapshot it multiple times so you can recover it to a pristine state between tests. It should also probably be on its own network segment, not on a domain, etc. What you’re doing is fairly dangerous for your hosts and the rest of the network.

    Firewall that MF six ways to Sunday!

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