How to correctly set processors config with 3900x (12 core CPU)

I want to equally balance my pc’s cpu while running two version of windows 10 running in VMWorkstation pro 12.5.9. What do i set:

Number of processors to?

Number of cores per processors to?

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  1. The 3900X is 12 core 24 threads CPU, so you should get away with setting each VM to 4 CPUs, with 2 cores each leaving 4 cores for the main OS assuming you need to keep them reserved otherwise you could set more and let VMware handle the scheduling.

  2. Leave cores per cpu at 1 unless you have a need to raise it (eg. Per socket licensing, software that doesn’t work with more than x CPUs, etc.).

    Since Windows 10 only supports 2 sockets, you’d want to raise cores accordingly to get to the number of vCPUs you need in each VM. 2×2 for 4, 1×5 for 5, 2×3 for 6, and so on.

    Resources to VMs should be allocated as needed. Don’t give a VM 12 cores just because you can, it will cause scheduling headaches if 11 of them are idle all the time.

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