I have an old program that apparently will only run in Windows XP so I installed a winXP vm but have no idea how to install software in the VM

TOTAL NOOB to this.

I do know I have a functioning vm WinXP installed.

My software is on “my programs” folder in my WIN 10 folder but have no idea how to get the VM to see and install it.

HOW do I do this?

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  1. You need to map a network drive from your desktop to the VM. If using workstation then you can use the folder sharing options to specify a folder to share, if using esx then you need to share via the normal networking method.

  2. What software is this? Perhaps you can make it run as a thinapp or emulation. Or even use VMware player to run Windows XP vm. I don’t recl if windows 10 still got free Xp mode feature

  3. with your RDP (remote desktop protocol) session you would normally be able to simply copy/paste from the system that you initiate the RDP session on and then paste it into the win xp system when logged-in, or does recent RDP protocol from win10 prevent that?

    Ot use the option to redirect your drives as well within the RDP session making you local drives available within explorer when logged in to the VM.

    However can’t recall if that still works with RDP from a win10 host to a win xp VM. Used that setup until a couple of years ago with a usb scanner that obly supported up to winxp and not win7, so used a winxp vm for that passing the usb scanner through to the vm. worked like a charm…

  4. Late to the party on this and its a bit of a fudge but has worked for me in the past when I didn’t want to create a network share, is add all the files to a folder then use the win10 feature turn a folder into a .iso, upload the iso to a datastore and then mount the iso on the vm.

    hacky but works.

  5. PS: I am using Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 to emulate Windows XP

    [According to this](https://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/windows/en-US/83467113-2336-4d10-899e-395af5f09e03/where-can-i-find-the-windows-xp-mode-product-key) Microsoft themselves provides a License Key to use free of charge but when I go to register using the provided key, it does not work.

    Any ideas on how to register the OS?

    I got [Windows XP Mode](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8002) directly from Microsoft.

  6. You log into the VM and install it? Am I missing something here? You claim to have an XP VM up and running, just log in and launch the installer there.

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