Incompatible Virtual Machine Version? [vMotion Question]


I am moving a VM from one host to another host in the same cluster. Both are v6.5 (ESXi). The VM is Server 2019 on a 2016 64bit template from ESXi. What would be the causing factor for not being able to transfer the VM over to the other host?

Been pondering whether it’s because it is server 2019? I haven’t had this issue in ESXi 6.7.

Any Ideas?

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  1. Check the virtual hardware version. Make sure that what the VM is running is supported on both servers.

    Also make sure that your servers are configured identically, down to firmware revisions, BIOS options, and all VMware updates and builds. I’ve run into this in several situations where mitigations were applied for side-channel/speculative execution vulnerabilities on one server but not the other, and then a VM was cold booted and picked up those mitigations. In those cases it behaves similar to having incompatible EVC settings.

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