Intel NUC 9 Pro & Extreme – First “Modular” NUC

Intel NUC 9 Pro & Extreme – First “Modular” NUC

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  1. > and it is still by far the most popular platform for running a vSphere/vSAN/NSX Home Lab

    Who can afford to run all that at home?!

    Seriously though, these are pretty neat. I always enjoy reading Virtually Ghetto.

    But what makes them a (an?) “NUC”? Seems like it’s just a desktop…

  2. Personally I have found NUC’s really usefully for growing my lab. It always me to create low power and low cost VMware cluster. I fine tune which VMs run on which Host based on the load the VM will take.

    Tho I have always bought 4+ year old NUCs on the second hand market, mainly because of the decent savings in cost. The ~$1000 NUCs are nice, but are not worth the expense in my estimate.

  3. Interesting concept. Depending on price point. You better off building your own mini itx or micro atx. Or the amazing supermicro mini servers. That actually have server grade hardware with VMware full support. I am honestly not impressed with that I see here. But still nice to learn about it. Thanks op for posting this.

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