Is NVMe-oF Ready for Prime Time with vSphere 7?

Is NVMe-oF Ready for Prime Time with vSphere 7?

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  1. vVols being the future would be fantastic. However, there’s currently a limitation with backing up vVols with products like Veeam in that the direct storage access isn’t supported, requiring proxy virtual machines/hot add etc in an FC environment. This is the only thing holding things back where I work – vVols have significant advantages otherwise for our current workloads.

    Is this something that would be resolved with NVMe-oF?

  2. Any chance you could elaborate on the intermediary SCSI layers? Obviously, a VM with a PVSCSI or a legacy Buslogic/LSI Parallel will be speaking SCSI, but if the host is attached via NVME-oF and the VM is running the Virtual NVME controller, I’m not sure where SCSI would be inserted.

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