Issue with Horizon Provisioning


vCenter 6.7u3

vSAN cluster with 3 ESXi hosts

Two View Servers (7.10)

Third Server with Composer and Database


Issue thats plaguing me right now is that suddenly my desktop pools will not provision any VMs.

I had a test pool in place originally that provisioned VMs for me just fine. This is an automated desktop pool that has the option selected to provision the VMs beforehand. So, I add in a second one and get nothing. Originally I started to receive this error:


Provisioning error occurred on Pool because of a configuration problem

So I did a reboot of my vCenter and Horizon Servers just to get things on a good page, clears caches, etc. ADSI is showing the proper things for the environment, and my SQL tables are showing correct data as well. But, now when I create a new Desktop Pool, vCenter creates the folder for the virtual machines but just stops. No errors. Pool is still showing active (I have it set to stop on error). I plan on digging deeper into logs to see what else I can find.

I am at a point now where i’m thinking of just rebuilding it entirely since I have nothing in production yet. But I wanted to see if the community has experienced a similar issue.

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  1. First, what kind of desktop pool are you trying to provision? You said an automated pool, but there are three types – full clones, linked clones, and instant clones. Which one of these were you provisioning? Was your test pool the same type, and did you configure the pools the exact same way?

    Second, where are you seeing this error? Is it in the pool settings in Horizon Administrator or in vCenter? If it is in Horizon Administrator, are there any errors in vCenter that occur during the provisioning process?

    Third, when setting up the pool, did you select the VSAN storage option?

    Have you looked at the debug logs on your connection server to see if there is anything in them that might point to a possible issue? The logs are in C:ProgramDataVMwareVDM?

    I would also recommend opening a ticket with VMware support instead of rebuilding the environment.

    Finally – you shouldn’t be using ADSI with Horizon. That is generally not supported, and it is very easy to make a mistake that breaks your Horizon environment.

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