Keeping VMware templates up-to-date

Hi everyone!

I searched through this sub but the answers were all quite old and I‘m asking myself if the answers are still valid.

How do you keep your Windows Templates up to date?

Today I was deploying a VM from a template and had to wait quite a while for Windows updates to finish.

There must be a better way and a solution would be to keep the templates updated. How would I best go for it?

Any tutorials, links, whatever you guys can recommend?

Thanks in advance

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  1. We have a powershell script that runs monthly that un-templates the VM, powers it on, triggers a windows update, reboots it, powers it back down, and re-templates it.

  2. I deployed MDT boot media to VMDK and templated it. MDT images are updated with OSDeploy whenever new updates are released so you don’t need to mess with VMware at all as template is basically just deployment boot image.

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