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From the looks of it, a part of DTrace is built-in to the kernel. https://oss.oracle.com/projects/DTrace/

It is composed of three portions, an in-kernel core, a userspace utility, and a type storage library used by these.


The kernel portion is built into the UEK kernels and is also available on a public git tree.

So your VM might not have the DTrace tools but it could still be in the kernel. You could try the steps to outlined here to remove the DTrace kernel bits although it is for a different issue.




for package in `rpm -qa | grep dtrace-modules`; do yum remove -y $package; done


On a Crystal Well (Haswell) Macbook Pro with Fusion 8.5.10, the vmware.log shows the following vpmc capabilities even though the virtualised performance counters is not enabled in the Windows 10 VM.


| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.numGenCtrs = 0x4

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.fixedWidth = 0x30

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.genWidth = 0x30

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.version = 0x3

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.microarchitecture.haswell = 0x1

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.genctr.0 = 0x1

| vmx| I125: Capability Found: vpmc.numFixedCtrs = 0x3


I would think you would find similar entries in the vmware.log of the OEL VM on the i7-4702MQ host. For now, I am thinking that the DTrace kernel bits, given its functionality/purpose, might be assuming performance counters from the virtual CPU to be present but are not there and therefore the OEL VM is crashing on the boot-up.


The rest seem to be OK (for example, the TSX-NI capabilities are found)


vmx| I125: Capability Found: cpuid.RTM = 0x1

vmx| I125: Capability Found: cpuid.HLE = 0x1


Other things you could do although I don’t think it will make any difference on the Coffee Lake host making the OEL VM successfully power up.


Update Workstation Pro to 12.5.9 (it is a free update), 12.1.0-build-3272444 you use is quite old and does not have the necessary security fixes (including exposing the Spectre microcode to VMs).

Upgrade the OEL VM hardware compatibility from version 11 to 12 (from VM menu – Manage)

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