Lost permissions after upgrade to Vcenter 6.7u3g – what now?


After upgrading to 6.7u3g, noticed that I started getting these error events constantly:

Cannot login user VSPHERE.LOCAL\machine-e2154e47-6f04-4721-8713-a54d10c3ad3e@ no permission

Looks like all my folders and objects, except for one, now only have one permission entry, for the Administrator user. The one exception, is a folder called “Datacenters”, which I have not created and has no objects in it, and that one seems to retain all the normal permissions (which include the vpxd-Id, vpxd-extension-Id and vsphere-webclient-Id, with Id being the same as stated above in machine-e2..)

I have tried to re-add permissions to the top-level vcenter object (tried a simple monitoring user with a read-only role) but I get an error saying that doing that could prevent access to other users. So it lools like I’m stuck.

At this point things like VUM and Vmotion are broken, and it seems to be because of this.

Any suggestion to restore a normal state here, aside from re-installing?


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