MacMini8,1 on VMWare ESXi 7.0b HCL but having issues booting the installer.


I have a mac Mini 8,1 (2018) with secure boot disabled, and booting from external allowed. I am able to boot the USB installer, and it loads a lot of files then emotes:

UEFI Secure Boot is not enabled

Shutting down firmware services…

Then promptly reboots.

I’ve spent a couple days googling this and there seems to be little or no docs on exactly how to do this, as the 7.0b HCL addition was in late June. I’m aware it requires Legacy Bios (assuming that means Hybrid MBR) and may not use the internal SSD.

Has anyone managed to get ESXi 7.0b installed on a MacMini8.1 yet?

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