Management VLAN tagging/untagg and Jumbo Frame on vmware esxi 640


I have standalone vmware esxi running on Dell R640.

I have installed Dell customized 6.7 image on it and its free version. (We may go for VSAN or SAN later on)

I have created Nic teaming with 2 10G interfaces and using Bridge aggregation on HP switch.

Nic Teaming:

Notify switches
Route based on IP hash
Reverse policy

I am using VLAN 110 which is my management VLAN. I am using the same VLAN for my idrac as well. Hope thats not an issue.

On Switch side I am tagging my management and other vlans.

In my mind I had this option that I will not tagg the VLAN 110 and use it as

port trunk pvid vlan 110

Whats the best practice? Should I tagged the management VLAN or untagg it?


Also my vmware esxi is connected to HP. So I just have to enable jumbo frame on vswitch,vmkernel and on bridge aggregation?



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