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Here’s my silent install script (PowerShell). This should be run per user as the user:


$downloadx86url = “https://teams.microsoft.com/desktopclient/installer/windows/x86

$downloadx64url = “https://teams.microsoft.com/desktopclient/installer/windows/x64

$downloadpath = “$env:TEMPteamstemp.exe”


$online = Test-Connection teams.microsoft.com -Count 1 -Quiet

while (!$online) {

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 5

    $online = Test-Connection teams.microsoft.com -Count 1 -Quiet



if ([System.Environment]::Is64BitOperatingSystem) {

    $downloadurl = $downloadx64url

} else {

    $downloadurl = $downloadx86url



$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient

$downloadurl = $wc.DownloadString($downloadurl)


if (Test-Path $downloadpath) {

    Start-Process “$downloadpath” -ArgumentList “-s” -Wait -NoNewWindow

    Remove-Item $downloadpath -Force



I then capture the following:







And exclude:


%appdata%MicrosoftTeamsApplication Cache





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