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I’ve just recently had to address the same issue in my environment and also had difficulty in finding documentation. I did find this: Supporting Always On Availability Groups (SQL Server) with App Volumes – VMware Blogs which provided some useful information. The steps I completed were:

1. I stopped the “App Volumes Manager” service on the App Volumes Manager server

2. Our DBA migrated the App Volumes Database

3. On the App Volumes Database server I opened “ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit)”

     a. On the “System DNS” tab I selected “svmanager” for the 32-bit platform and clicked “configure”

     b. In the next screen I updated the server name

     c. We are using SQL server authentication, so I provided the Login ID and Password on the following screen

     d. From there I kept all of the remaining defaults.

     e. After clicking finish I tested the connection to verify

4. I restarted the “App Volumes Manager” service


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