NSX-V MAC Learning on Logical Switches

Just a sanity check here as I can’t seem to find much detailed information around enabling MAC learning on a logical switch in NSX-v . Should MAC learning allow the logical switch to learn MACs behind a VM such as when using nested hypervisors? I’ve enabled MAC Learning on a logical switch but i’m not seeing the MAC for a nested VM being learned in the controllers VNI MAC table responsible for the logical switch. Vmkernel logs on the host show the VM requesting promiscuous mode (due to multiple MACs showing up on the vnic) but the request is being denied. I’ve enabled forged transmits/mac address changes on the logical switches portgroup. Traffic to the nested VM works fine if I enable promiscuous mode on the portgroup but the goal is to not have to do this. Is my understanding of MAC Learning on logical switches incorrect? I imagine it would function similar to to the new native mac learning on standard VLAN backed portgroups:


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