Opinions on VDP vs Replication for “point in time” backups

So, ive been tinkering with VDP, i was surprised to learn that you cannot isolate traffic to a dedicated interface like you can with Replication. While ill have 10g interfaces on my management network, id still rather segregate all non VM/management traffic off to it’s own network.

What if i gave up the Idea of using VDP to store VM images on my backup server and instead used replication only? In theory I could get Multiple point in time “images” by enabling point in time instances in the Replication appliance. As i understand it, once restored, i could simply select the snapshot i want to go back to. Different method, same effect.

That said, Theory and practice can be two different things. Does anyone know which would be the better way to go based on real world observations?

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  1. On second thought Enable point in time instances doesn’t space the snapshots out long enough i dont think to be an effective fall-back should crap really hit the fan… It has to be once per day vs my desired once per week. Tho i suppose with enough disk space, one could just have 2 weeks worth of point in time instances.

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