Passing Through USB Keyboard/Mouse inside ESXi

I have a ESXi 6.5 host that I use for a plethora of things. One of my VMs is a Gaming VM that is attached to my television. When I want to play a game, I spool up the VM and my TV turns on automatically to Steam Big Picture mode. However, sometimes I want to navigate the Windows 10 desktop and you can’t do that with an XBOX controller.

So I bought this [USB Air Mouse](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0787Z1C2G). It comes with a USB dongle to connect to the PC. Unfortunately, I cannot pass this device to my VM because it doesn’t show up in the settings. From my research, it seems that ESXi doesn’t support HID passthrough. I thought this was strange because I also passthrough a USB Bluetooth receiver to connect my XBOX controllers, and it works perfectly fine (maybe the receiver itself is not a HID….)

Anyway, is there anyway I can passthrough this Air Mouse to my VM? My last resort is to buy a PCIe USB controller, and pass that through, but I’d prefer not to buy new hardware for this one single device.

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