PF (Page Fault) Exception 14 on ESXi 7/vSAN 7, no clear driver at fault?

I have three identical Supermicro AS-1014S-WTRT servers in my home lab, each with an Epyc 7302p, 128GB of samsung memory, Intel DC P4610 cache drives, Intel m.2 660 capacity drives (not on HCL),and using the onboard BCM57416 based 10g NICs with Ubiquiti RJ45 10g SFP+ modules. Installation process was fine, everything hums along great when just running a VM or two for testing SAN throughput. Problem is when I start to provision a large workload (like Tanzu Application Service) one of the three servers consistently PSODs with the attached error. It doesn’t clearly point to a specific driver module as being a root cause.

Logs flow to an rsyslog server and nothing jumps out at me but I’m inexperienced in trawling vmware logs (this is my first vspphere install.) Netdump to the VCSA didn’t seem to work so I’ll be following KG2004784 to reconfigure partitions on the 32GB boot flash drive. I just completed an overnight run of memtest86+ with no errors so I’m not sure what else I should be looking at?




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