PowerCli and Storage vMotion WITH setting storage policy

Im totally just losing my mind here but I can not find the proper example or syntax to perform this command. I want to storage vmotion a VM from one virtual volume to another and apply a Vmware storage policy for it, very simple to do in the GUI but I cant for the life of me figure out the PowerCLI syntax to accomplish this.


Get-VM VM1 | move-VM -datastore VirtualVolume001


But I cant find the correct syntax to say yes move it to another virtual volume and apply a specific storage policy, I can pull all my storage policies and the corresponding replication group and store them in variables but how do I tell a VM to move and assign them? is it -AdvancedOption? I dont know the get-help doesnt provide me with an example to do this and I cant find anything online that does this specific request, Ive found some about creating new VMs and assigning them to a storage policy but it doesnt work when trying to storage vmotion and assign

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