Really bad performance with XFS on Centos VMs

Hello all.

Not long ago we moved our VMs (about 50) to two Synology FS6400’s with 24 1.92 Seagate Ironwolf SSDs each. Both are split into two 11 disk (1 spare) RAIDF1 volumes and we use NFS 3 to connect the shares.

Speeds are great and everything is blazing fast… except for the few VMs that run Centos with XFS as the filesystem.

It’s seems there are some known issues with XFS on older Linux kernels, but this seems ridiculous. For example moving a VM from one store to another, a Windows VM with the same size NTFS filesystem moves nearly 50 times faster.

Does anyone have any tips?

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  1. Moving a VM? As in VMotion?

    Or actually moving the the VM and it’s VMDK?

    Because if your migrating the VMDK and they are thin provisioned or in some way sparse files, that would make heaps of sense if you use XFS and don’t use discard.

    Can you clarify what exactly you mean by moving?

    Edit: Also are you suggesting the VM suffers from slow IO regardless? Because I think I know what could be doing that.

    Edit 2: what storage did it move from?

    Oh and do you have the Synology VAAPI plugin installed?

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