Regenerate new certificate in vCenter Appliance for Nimble Integration


So we have just got a Nimble installed and I’m trying to add vmware integration from the array’s gui but I keep getting the error “vasa – SmsTask failed, state=error, key=SmsTask-30” A quick google takes me to [this](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2079087) article and says that the certificate that the storage monitoring server uses has expired and I need to generate a new one.

The issue is that the article assumes you are running vCenter on Windows but we don’t, we have the Server Appliance and I don’t have experience of the CLI. So looking for a little help please, does anybody have any experience with this? Or can point me in the right direction? Much appreciated 🙂

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  1. I believe we ran into a similar issue because we issued our own certs to the vhosts. Had to roll back to VMWare default certs for hosts. Can still use a custom cert for venter which is all that really matters anyway.

  2. If I remember doing this then the important thing is for the array and vcenter to trust the root CA that the other one has. You can download the VMware CA from the landing page. The nimble side of things is much more difficult.

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