Share 4TB NVMe among 3 VMs NVMe Passthrough

I have dell PowerEdge r740 server, with

256GB RAM,

Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4116 CPU @ 2.10GHz

48 Cores [2 CPU, 24 cores each]

1TB Samsung 970 NVMe and [useful size is 930GB]

4TB Samsung 970 NVMe. [useful size is 3.4TB]

I want to install bare metal VMware ESXi on 1TB NVMe and create 3(Three) VM with CentOS 7.5 OS.

VM0: 64GB RAM, 256GB Drive, 12 CPU Cores, CentOS 7.5

VM1: 64GB RAM, 256GB Drive, 12 CPU Cores, CentOS 7.5

VM2: 64GB RAM, 256GB Drive, 12 CPU Cores, CentOS 7.5

I know how to pass 4TB NVMe to one of the 3 VMs.

But I want to use 4TB NVMe among all 3 VMs, Such that each VM can use 1.1 TB of Useful Space on this NVMe.

Is that possible? How?

Thank you very much.

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  1. i wouldnt waste a 1tb nvme drive on an esx install. just buy a compatible drive that is cheaper.

    Ideally I would suggest calling dell cust support and giving them the service tag and finding out if your server came with a BOSS module or an SD module and install esx there. If the server didnt come with it you might want to get a quote on an SD module field install. I think the module is like 60 bucks or so. Dont buy the sd cards from Dell though. They charge way too much for them

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