Should we power off/on vms after upgrading to newer gen cpu?


We’ve recently upgraded our blades in all of our clusters to a newer generation of cpu but have not done a hard reboot of the vms after doing so. Will the vms not use newer cpu features until they’re power-cycled? Are we missing out on performance improvements by not doing so?

This is on version 6.5.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. You will need to shut them down completely and cold boot. If you are using EVC, you will need to increase the EVC levels for the clusters as well to accommodate the new CPUs.

  2. The VMs will be limited to capabilities per the old CPU mask until you cold boot them. Only then will the capabilities be updated to match new physical CPU mask / compatibility level.

    Probably the most expensive lesson I ever learned on my Oracle cluster (after the licensing for BCDR calculation itself)…

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