Small contact center

Hello, guys a happy new year.
I have a small project for 2020 is a 5 position contact center I have already the IP PBX and softphones but I’m not sure if I get physical hardware (PC) or use something like VDI, thin clients.

I have access to the company ESXi server (the IPBX is running on a VM)

Anyone have done something similar using wmware solutions

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  1. Spin up an RDS host. Done! All the tools necessary are built into Windows Server. You can broker the RDSH apps using VMware Horizon, if you wish, but that’s overkill for five users.

    As for VMware solutions… well the RDS host is a VM, of course.

    As for clients… anything from zero or thin clients to fat Windows PCs to repurposed laptops. Almost anything will work.

  2. Yeah. This has been done. Call centers are a common use case for VDI and there are features built into Horizon for providing audio redirection as well as support for common VOIP apps like Skype for Business, Teams, and Zoom.

    VDI might be overkill for your use case, though. There is significant overhead to implementing a VDI solution from a licensing and management perspective.

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