Storing VHD in an external hard disk drive


I want to use VMWare Workstation Player (The one that is free). I have just one concern with that version that I wanted to make sure before actually downloading and starting to use it.

Is it possible to store the hard disk’s for the VMs inside an external HDD? Along with all of the configuration files required for an operating system?

I want to be able to use my Virtual Machine wherver Workstation Player is installed simply by plugging in the HDD and opneing the configuration file and running my VM.

I am new to the VM world, so your help would be kindly appreciated!

*Thanks in advance :)*

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  1. Yes, you can store your VMs on any attached disk or disk share and open the VM on any machine on which Workstation Pro, Player or VMware Fusion are installed. Remember though that the performance of a VM is largely dependent on the speed of the storage on which it resides.

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