Synology storage with vsphere

Those of you who use synology nas as storage for your vsphere, do you use btrfs or ext4 ?
And what’s the largest LUN?
I got a synology rack model with 100tb and trying to see what setup works best.
I was thinking to go with btrfs and iscsi luns but I’m wondering what’s the performance hit vs ext4 which I read is better for VMware.
Is the copy-on-write feature an issue still with btrfs? Stability and protection is important since these are prod VMs.

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  1. btrfs is certainly stable at this point. You can then present a iscsi target to your hosts and you’ll be off and running. The last time I used a synology, you were able to make the entire storage a lun. Your limitation will be if your version of vmware can support a lun of that size.

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