Temp vCenter 5.5 standard license

I need to move VMs from an old 5.5 cluster to an existing 6.5 cluster. I have new shared storage between all hosts and clusters.

All VMs on both clusters are currently on local storage.

The goal is all VMs migrated to the 6.5 cluster and all VMs migrated to the new shared storage.

All vCenter instances have only the essential license level.

My plan is as follows

1. Add a vCenter trial license to the 6.5 cluster.
2. Power down the 5.5 vCenter.
3. Add the 5.5 hosts to the 6.5 vCenter.
4. Apply the trial license to the 5.5 hosts.
5. Storage vMotion the VMs to shared storage.
6. Power down the VMs and remove from inventory.
7. Connect the shared storage to the 6.5 hosts.
8. Add the VMs to inventory on the 6.5 cluster.
9. Rinse and repeat for all hosts until all VMs are on the 6.5 cluster/hosts and on shared storage.


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  1. Since you already have the shared storage everywhere and are planning to use eval licences anyway, can you upgrade the 5.5 hosts to the 6.x eval licence in place then storage vMotion from there?

    Or will the 5.5 hosts not accept 6.x?

    Oh wait, you said you only have vCenter essentials, so a three host limit? Can you drop one 6.x host off that and rotate in the old but eval licensed hosts?

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