the purpose of “datacenter” inventory object

I am migrating and creating new clusters and I am considering to reorganize our vcenter. The question is related to the “datacenter” inventory object. We used the datacenter to map directly our datacenters. However, I think it might not be correct.

Our 2 datacenter are separated by 1-2 kms. They share Layer-2 networking. Each datacenter has each storage device, however we mount LUN/NFS of every storage device in every ESXi/vcenter. This is a mess because the same datastore is listed twice in two datacenters because it is mounted by ESXi hosts located in the two datacenters.

This is our original setup:

* datacenter1
* cluster1
* datacenter2
* cluster2

However, we now introduce a VSAN stretch cluster between the two datacenters, I should add a third “fake” datacenter:

* datacenter1
* cluster1
* datacenter2
* cluster2
* datacenter-ha
* cluster-ha

So, what is the real purpose of the “datacenter” inventory object? how would you suggest to organize it?

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  1. There are some inventory objects like Distributed Networking that live at the datacenter level. These parent objects propagate down to child objects like clusters.

    Per [VMKB](https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.vcenterhost.doc/GUID-4D4B3DF2-D033-4782-A030-3C3600DE5A7F.html)

    Data Centers

    Unlike folders, which are used to organize specific object types, a data center is an aggregation of all the different types of objects used to work in virtual infrastructure.

    Within a data center, there are four separate hierarchies.

    Virtual machines (and templates)

    Hosts (and clusters)



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