Thin prov VM using more space than it is.

vCenter 6.7 U2 and ESXi 6.7 U2.

After a snapshot and a VM consolidation, I have a thin provisioned VM that is only using ~60GB, but vCenter, the host client, and the datastore say it’s using 2.5 TB.

Any ideas?

I have tried:

* Storage vMotion
* Thin > Thick > Thin

One weird thing that I found is that the vdmk files are all split out on the datastore in different folders, such as:

* /server1/vdmk
* /server1_1/vdmk1
* /server1_2/vdmk2


EDIT: Resolved

I reached out to VMware support, and had a crap experience after being told this is normal…

I was able to resolve this myself by running sdelete 2 times, then using vmfstools -K servername.vdmk 2 times as well. After this I manullu kicked off the unmap process on all datastores.


Only worked after the 2nd time for some reason.

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  1. Dud you remove all the snapshots or just consolidate them?

    Browse to the VM folder in the datastore and see what’s in there.

    Also depending on what is backing those stairs sometimes the unmap and space recovery process can take a significant time (a day or two) because it’s a low priority task.

  2. What makes you think “60GB”?

    What are the exact paths & names & sizes of every VMDK involved? And how many disks does this VM have? Someone may be able to intuit whether they’re snapshot-related or something else from the naming scheme.

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