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So I inherited an abandoned project for a friend in a small biz. Two DellEMC hosts, no vCenter, free ESX (for now) and it was deployed as 6.7. The guy who started this has left the state and they need to get a vendor in to install some expense software right away. Need to get it specifically to 6.7U2.

What’s the right way to upgrade a standalone server from 6.7 to U2 when there is a DellEMC customized involved?

EDIT: Got it done, thanks everyone for your help.

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  1. If you’re using it for business you should get the paid version of esxi.

    Download the dell esxci package from support.dell.com. Transfer to host storage and then run esxcli software install while in production and then reboot the host after you put it in maintenance mode. If you’re not physically at the host, make sure you have access through the idrac.

  2. How hard would it be to just throw in a blank DOM or USB or whatever holds the ESXi image, install 6.7U2 clean and if something goes squirrely, just swap back to your original DOM/USB/whatever

  3. Cant you download the esxi iso specific to the Dell servers? That would be the way to go.

    Edit: this sounds like you’ve got a mess on your hands. May the VMware gods bless you sir (or ma’am)

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