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So, I recently started at a new company as a VMware engineer (I’m an experienced VMware engineer). They recently ordered new hardware and decided to boot from San. I’ve always been a boot from local disk guy. I’m looking into the possibility of boot from USB with using a san datastore as the scratch partition.

Any major problems with this approach? Any recommendations for USB sticks?

We’re going to be using Dell MX740C blades.

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  1. I boot from SD cards. Just make sure to change the global.syslog.dir variable to point to SAN storage for the log files. This way the SD card is only read at boot time and then only written to if you make configuration changes to the host.

    If you have lots of identical blade servers you might consider boot to SAN. The one benefit I can see to this is for hardware failure, much easier to point a new blade to the existing boot lun and continue with your day.

  2. Any decent Sandisk or Kingston stick will do. Change scratch and log location. They WILL eventually fail some day. For this reason I started using kickstart scripts for USB installations.

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