vCenter Folder Organization

Curious how others organize their folders in vCenter and if there’s a *functional* purpose behind the folders? Currently we’re using folders as dynamic targets for VM backups – but they’re starting to get a bit crowded. Curious about how others are doing it…

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  1. We use folders to separate Dev/UAT/Prod, the next level is Apps/Security/Infrastructure, any folders below that are for permissions.

    We also use Network folders to separate VDS so we can have the portgroups with the same names on different VDS.

  2. The last vsphere environment I managed I had my VMs divided up by apps. This also allowed me to prevent my apps guy from messing with my exchange, AD, share point etc servers via permissions.

  3. My group supports multiple agencies. Each agency is a customer. At the top level, We separate ‘Hosted’ from ‘Restricted’. The latter being the location for infrastructure, network and telecom VMs supporting the enterprise as a whole. Only a select team can access that.

    ‘Hosted’ contains a folder for each agency. Within any given agency folder, there is a ‘Managed’ folder for VMs managed by our professional services. VMs in the root of the agency’s folder are administrated by personnel within that agency. No agency can see into any other agency’s folder, nor can they see into the ‘Managed’ folder handled on their behalf.

    This is how we implement multi-tenancy.

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