vCenter installation stuck at 80%

Hello guys

Im failing at deploying the vCenter Appliance to one of my ESXi host. Im deploying the vCenter Appliance 6.7 from a Windows Server 2019. I created an NFS-Share on the same Windows Server 2019 with a Disc Space of 350GB, and connected it to both my ESXi hosts. Now when im trying to setup the vCenter Server Appliance from my Windows Server 2019, the deployment stucks at 81 percent. “Install – Stage 1: Setting up storage. This may take several minutes”. After some hours an error shows up: “A problem occurred during RPM installation – Storage initialization failed”

I’ve made sure that I have the Enterprise Plus Version on vCenter and also on the ESXi. Unfortunately, other forums haven’t helped me so far.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thanks & Regards

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  1. Not certain about the error message but first thing you need to do is make sure dns is set up properly. Had something similar a few months ago.

    Tldr: it’s always dns

  2. I encountered this very similar, mostly I was able to discard the installer and open the vcenter ip/ url and finish the last installation steps there

  3. Are you over provisioned on storage via “thin provisioning”?

    What size vCSA are you using? I know there used to be a bug with the smallest option where it wouldn’t install correctly, but the next level up would install OK.

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