vCenter on-premise environment similar to Azure

We are currently running VMware ESXi 6.5.0 and looking at Azure. With the announcement of Azure VMware Solution I am seeking some advice. I would like to build up an on-premise environment to run workloads on, similar to what Azure has to offer. We already have the VM option down and running many, many VMs on-prem. Now looking at the container and anything that would simulate webapps on-prem along with Kubernetes. In the end, looking to run everything on-prem first using vCenter and then if there is any production load that requires or needs Azure environment we can send that workload there. Primarily all Dev, Test, QA, etc would be done using our current on-prem environment.

I may not be describing this all correctly as we are still new to this technology. If anyone has or is doing this I would like to hear how you started and how it is going. Even if you tried and it didn’t work out I’d like to hear the cons as well.

Again, I am just starting to research this all out. Another Team has started down and looking at/implemeting Terraform and Azure I am still stuck trying to figure out why we can’t do what they are doing on-prem with hardware and resources we already own.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Plan to spend a few hours on VMware’s site reading up and learning more about version 7 but wanted to toss this out to the masses so I am not going into this with a closed mind. 🙂

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  1. VCF4 might interest you. It’s a SKU that has all of VMware’s private cloud functionality – likely the closest competitor to Azure as a solution from VMware.

  2. Hi there,
    If you are looking to build the same or close enough VMware experience as the VMware on Azure, then you need to deploy vSphere, vSAN and Cloud Director on-premises, doing so will provide the same technology and user experience as you will find on VMware on azure.
    But if you wish to build a similar cloud environment as Azure on-premises, then you should think of Azure Stack.

    Hope this help and please feel to ping me for more details.

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