VCSA 6.7 Deployment Question

Good evening. I’ve been trying to work this out in my head all night, but I’m finally tapping out. I have 2 ESXi servers I am turning up next week. They will physically be racked at “Site A”. I am wanting to deploy a VCSA at “Site B” which happens to be our vcolo data center (3rd party). The VCSA will eventually have data centers for each of our other physical sites (4 data centers total, each with two hosts). But for now I’m only concerned with “A”. So far, I have configured a Windows Server 2019 Data Center VM at “Site B” and tried to run the VCSA installer. The part I’m confused by is when it asks for an ESXi host or existing vCenter server to live on. I want the virtual appliance to live on the VM I built at “Site B”. Is it best practice to have a vCenter appliance running on each physical VM environment, or can it be done by one VCSA with data centers for each physical environment? Thanks for any input! If I can provide more clarity somewhere, please feel free to ask!

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  1. I am no expert but I believe you would install vCenter and VCSA on bare metal after that you only need to install VCSA on any other Bare Metal.

    Use vCenter to manage and or connect between sites

  2. Don’t install venter on a windows vm. It’s deprecated.

    Let the installer create the VM on a host at site B. Or if you can’t get creds to create a VM you could theoretically create it on a host in Site A then vmotion or just manually migrate the VM to site B.

    Vcenter on windows is deprecated. 6.7 is the last release. Just don’t – it’s also a good waste of a windows license.

  3. You can just use a single VCSA to manage your 4 sites. The VCSA doesn’t have to be deployed on a host within these sites. It could be deployed on an external host that’s managed by another VCSA.

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