View + Teams + Appdata Folder Redirection (Persona Management)

I am running into an issue with Appdata ever since Teams became a critical business app.

Everything works fine up until the Outlook Teams Addon needs to load.

What’s happening is that Outlook is explicitly dependent upon the %appdata% environment variable when determining where the working Teams folder is. I discovered this from running procmon.

Teams writes to the redirected appdata folder just fine. But the %appdata% variable is resolving to the c:user%username%appdataroaming folder path not the redirected folder path.

This creates an issue because the local Appdata (roaming) does not include the necessary Teams files for the Addon to load.

If I manually download the Teams folder from the redirected folder into the local roaming appdata folder, the Outlook Addon works.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get %appdata% to resolve to the redirected folder path. I want to keep the Teams folder on the network share, and not have it download every time a user logs onto a non-persistent clone. The folder is over 100mb and will slow logins and put additional stress on the storage and network

Any ideas on this one?

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