VM losing network connectivity randomly

Hey guys, I’m not sure this is the right place to ask but I have a customer that has an Exchange VM running 2012R2 under a ESXI 5.5 host that shares the same vSwitch and the same data store as others vms but for some odd reason, the NIC on the VM will stop communicating with the hosts vSwitch and completely lose network connectivity until I disable/enable the NIC on the VM… (pings to local ressources and host stop working..)… I’m not much of a VMware guy and I was wondering if some of you might have some ideas…

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  1. Check the nic type, might be set to e1000e, should be set to vmxnet3. Will cause some down time when you change it, so note your nic settings just in case they get wiped.

  2. Had the same issue in ESXi and O/S versions, was using E1000 nic. Changed to vmxnet3 because of it and hasn’t reoccurred

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