We are looking at doing a Proof of Concept of VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. Mostly as a place for DRaaS, and potentially to shift workloads between on site and cloud. We are entirely a VMware shop and will soon have only a single data center. That drives the need for another site for DR or even Business Continuity. Anyone who is running VMC on AWS have anything to share, lessons learned, road blocks to avoid, things to do prior to setup, . . .


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  1. VMC is great but there are limits and limitations to be aware of, due to the product being a relatively new offering and evolving quickly (new releases happen regularly: https://cloud.vmware.com/vmc-aws/roadmap). Your best bet is to engage with VMware or a partner for your POC. HCX is quickly becoming an absolutely amazing tool for migrating workloads around and is likely what you’ll want to take advantage of for what you are describing, though it’s likely a combination of HCX and SRM. I’ve been working with VMC on AWS for the past year and I can attempt to answer specific questions but without knowing your environment, it’s hard to give you details that might be relevant for you.

  2. We did a POC, it does everything it says it does. Very impressed with HCX. Was my first experience using vSAN which I’ve got to say, seemed lacking compared to using Nimble Storage. Overall it’s a good solution which would be good for DRaaS. Have you seen the Avamar backup appliances, apparently they can restore to a new VMC environment on demand-

  3. I just did this exact thing.

    Our biggest roadblock was never ever even touching AWS before this project. We got in on it pretty early and the two companies were still working out the details on how to engage the customer. We had great representation from the VMWare side, AWS was just not there.

    SRM Can get expensive, you can use NSX-Hybrid Connect (HCX) to do DR Syncing, but if you want that automated run book recovery you need SRM.

    Direct Connect is a must!

    If you have software from the legal firm called Oracle, you will need to use a core restricted host for license reasons.


    We went through the NSX-V to NSX-T (1.6 – 1.7) Upgrade. That was messy, but since it was just a DR site we had them do our SDDC early.


    Running Databases? The i3.metal instances gives a much better VSAN output than the r5.metal – ebs combination does. The advantage of the r5.metal is storage consumption is separated from node consumption.


    I have more, if you want hit me up and we can discuss outside of this.

  4. VMC also doesn’t currently support transit gateways natively and requires you to use a VPN interface. So networking can be a bit tricky if you ever go to use other AWS resources and is a bit more limited in speed. (1.25Gbps per a VPN)

  5. Not sure how much help this is, if any, I’m a BDR at VMware and can get you in contact with your account manager if you’re not already. They can answer any questions you have as well as have engineers on our side hop on the phone call as well.

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