VMception (Win10 in Win10 in Win10 in Win10)

VMception (Win10 in Win10 in Win10 in Win10)

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  1. This is quite cool. I visited Microsoft in Reading (the UK for those abroad) to do some Azure training for my company and they said that with Windows 10/Server 2016, they made it so that you could create a VM on a VM up to 256 times as some of their high profile customers wanted the ability to do so; although the guy that I was speaking with caveated it by saying “why would you want to do that?” haha

  2. LOL

    Reminds me of how I did RDP inception. I was remoted into a computer to remote into another computer to remote into a 3rd computer.

    Due to the byzantine nature of our netowork I HAD to do that to get to a specific machine at this remote location I was in

  3. Yes! This is like when I VPN into work from home, rpd onto a work windows, rpd from there into a server room windows console, dive into a VM, open a bladeserver enclosure console, then open a virtual console onto the ESXi host to check network settings. All from a Mac whose shortcut keys are impossible to translate for the virtual console.

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